Product Features


Field App

By using our back -office form builder, you can get a view of the forms as you are building them. Our easy to use drag and drop feature will allow you to build a form that will cater for all data capture requirements.

Capacity Management

To ensure an efficient appointment booking process, our system ensures that capacity and field user availability by geo-area are fully configurable.

Auto-assignment and Routing

Once the appointment date has been set for your customer’s appointment, the next step is to assign a suitably qualified field operative to carry out the jobs – this is based on location, skillset, and availability.

Inventory Management

Our end-to-end, fully integrated inventory management system allows you to track stock items from when the purchase order is raised up to the point of reconciliation on a job.

Health and Safety

Our form builder will allow you to identify risky situations and ensure that the field user completes the risk assessment before any job activity can commence – this is paramount for Health & Safety compliance.


The “supervisor” feature in our app will provide the team lead with full visibility of the job activity and performance of their individual team members through a series of quality or audit forms.

Customer Notifications

Once an appointment booking has been made, a notification SMS can be sent directly to your customer. Reminder notifications can also be sent until the job is completed.

Performance Management

Our performance management view will give you real-time and full visibility of your team’s performance and productivity rate.

Lead Management

End-to-end management of lead generation until field operative visit – manage the entire process in Simply Workflow.

Technical Features

IOT Enabled

We can provide an IoT enabled platform that will help you connect to external devices, capture data, make decisions, and automate the corrective action process.

Open APIs

Our open APIs provide all our clients with the facility to integrate with 3rd party systems. With our current customers we integrate with many of the leading CRM, ERP and phone systems.

Customisable Reporting and Dashboards

Real-time dashboards give you great visibility and insight to know exactly what’s happening within all aspects of your business.