Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management System is a powerhouse solution to streamline your field service operations. With a focus on efficiency, accuracy, and control, our feature-rich platform ensures seamless management of your inventory from purchase orders to stock collection. Discover how our innovative tools can revolutionise your business

Purchase Orders and Goods Receipts

Effortlessly streamline procurement with purchase order creation and management. Our system eliminates manual paperwork, saving time and reducing errors. Easily generate, track, and monitor purchase orders, ensuring accurate and efficient inventory ordering with advanced features. Seamlessly receive and update inventory with integrated goods receipt features keeping your stock levels up to date. Gain complete visibility across every step of the procurement process from order placement to goods receipt, and optimise your supply chain with real-time insights into inventory levels, enabling timely replenishment and minimising stockouts. Stay on top of stock levels, maximise efficiency, and eliminate manual errors with our intuitive platform.

Dispatch and Tracking

Take full command of your field service operations with our cutting-edge dispatch and tracking capabilities. Our inventory management feature empowers you to assign inventory items seamlessly to your field agents. With our tracking capabilities, you can stay in the loop with inventory movement, from warehouse to the field, guaranteeing prompt deliveries and unparalleled service quality.

Effortlessly dispatch stock to your field service engineers, ensuring they have the essential tools and equipment for their on-site assignments. Our comprehensive process encompasses job assignment, inventory allocation, stock verification and dispatch preparation.

Serialised Item Tracking

Our advanced system allows for precise tracking and monitoring of individual items like never before. It supports serialised item management, enabling efficient identification, tracking, and control of items. With this capability, you can easily manage supplier details, prices and inventory. Additionally, our system enhances security by safeguarding against loss or theft as the location of each item can be easily tracked, promoting accountability, and maintaining a comprehensive record of each item’s history and location.

Warehouse and Field Agent Views

Empower your warehouse personnel and field agents with customised views tailored to their specific roles. Our user-friendly interface offers comprehensive visibility into inventory levels, suppliers, products, locations, replenishment needs for both warehouse staff and field operators. With our system, field agents can access their assigned inventory, place stock orders, utilise stock items during jobs, and transfer stock to other agents. Warehouse staff can efficiently manage stock levels, organise shelves, and track inventory movements within the facility. Real-time inventory data ensures that field agents always have the right items on hand for every service call, reducing return trips and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Reverse Logistics

Effortlessly manage stock returns with our integrated stock return feature. Streamline the entire process, save time, and eliminate inefficiencies. Simplify workflows, track returned items, and take necessary actions in real-time. Minimise downtime, optimise inventory, and maximise the value of your inventory. Deliver exceptional customer service while efficiently handling the complexities of reverse logistics.
Stock return

Stock Collection

Our system offers a streamlined feature that simplifies inventory collection from the field, providing a user-friendly solution for efficient inventory management. With our software, agents can easily update stock levels and return unused items, ensuring a seamless workflow. The system allows you to track stock dispatch, returned items and update inventory quantities to ensure accurate stock reconciliation. Say goodbye to manual inventory counts and welcome the efficiency of automated stock collection. Whether you have multiple warehouses or service vehicles, our system provides comprehensive visibility, enabling you to monitor stock movements, replenish low levels, and optimise your inventory. Experience hassle-free stock collection with our advanced solution and take control of your inventory like never before.