About Us


Welcome to Simply Workflow, the leading provider of Field Service Management solutions. With our innovative technology and expertise, we empower businesses to optimise their field operations, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional service to their customers.

At Simply Workflow, we understand the challenges faced by field service companies in managing their mobile workforce, scheduling jobs, and ensuring efficient resource utilisation. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive and user-friendly Field Service Management system tailored to meet the unique needs of multiple industries including but not limited to: Telecommunications, Power, Solar PV & EV, Smart Metering.

Our Story

Simply Workflow was founded on the belief that managing field operations should be simplified and streamlined. Our journey began with a group of visionary individuals who recognised the need for a comprehensive platform that could seamlessly handle all aspects of field service management. With a passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we embarked on a mission to transform the way businesses operate in the field by creating a tailored solution to try to solve the challenges of field operations companies.

Simply Workflow was created as a practical solution to the daily operational issues being encountered by telecoms contracting company, Integrated Communications (ICL). Founded in 1995 by Mick Kelly, ICL faced challenges in finding a stock management system that suited their needs. In 2008/2009, ICL formed an innovation team to seek out a comprehensive stock management system but struggled to find a suitable solution in the market. Determined to overcome this obstacle, the decision was made to develop an in-house system, which eventually led to the establishment of Simply Workflow.

Initially designed as an efficient stock management tool, Simply Workflow quickly evolved under the care and nurturing of the innovation team. The system grew organically and transformed into a far more advanced, comprehensive operations management system. Along the way, features including: Jobs Management, Jobs Scheduling, Lead Management, Forms, and many others were added. This transformation resulted in a robust, real-time, and paperless field service management product that it is today. Its effectiveness and efficiency were recognised by ICL and other organisations, paving the way for its commercialisation.

The year 2012 marked a significant milestone in the evolution of Simply Workflow. Recognising its potential to benefit organisations beyond ICL, a decision was made to commercialise the product. Mick resigned as CEO of ICL and assumed the role of CEO, bringing his expertise and experience to lead the company forward, and steering the company towards its vision of empowering organisations to maximise productivity and exceed customer expectations. By 2014 Simply Workflow secured Private Investor and Enterprise Ireland funding as part of the High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) program.

Throughout our journey, we have encountered numerous challenges that have shaped our growth and refined our solutions. Each milestone we have achieved served as a stepping stone toward our ultimate goal of simplifying field service management. Our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has propelled us forward, enabling us to provide a comprehensive platform that empowers organisations to thrive in the field. We are proud of our history and the value we bring to our clients. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to revolutionise field service management.

Culture and Values

At Simply Workflows, we cultivate a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation. Our team is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional field service management solutions. We foster an inclusive and diverse work environment where open communication and teamwork are encouraged. We celebrate achievements, support personal growth, and promote a healthy work-life balance. Our culture inspires creativity, dedication, and a sense of purpose in everything we do. We believe in integrity, transparency, and accountability, ensuring that we always operate ethically and with the utmost professionalism. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business, and we strive to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional solutions and unwavering support. We foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and continuous learning, empowering our team to achieve their full potential and deliver outstanding results.