Health & Safety and Compliance

Simply Workflow prioritises the health and safety of your workforce and enables you to ensure compliance with industry regulations. With our comprehensive suite of features, you can streamline your health and safety processes, identify potential risks, and facilitate effective incident reporting. Take advantage of the following features to enhance your health and safety practices:

Risk Assessment form builder

Streamline your risk assessment process with our powerful and intuitive, user-friendly risk assessment form builder. Our tool enables you to create customised risk assessment forms tailored to your specific industry and organisational needs. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to efficient digital data collection, allowing you to effortlessly gather essential information, evaluate potential risks, and implement effective preventive measures. Improve health and safety for your employees with ease.

Real time auditing (onsite and offsite)

Stay on top of your health and safety compliance with our real-time auditing feature. Conduct comprehensive audits both onsite and offsite, capturing critical information and identifying potential risks instantly. Ensure that your teams are adhering to the highest standards at all times.

Monitor compliance progress, track corrective actions, and identify non-compliance areas. Take proactive actions for immediate rectification and make informed decisions to maintain a safe working environment. This seamless integration between field teams and management ensures prompt action and proactive risk management.

Near misses and incident reporting

Empower your employees to contribute to a safe work environment by reporting near misses, potential hazards, and incidents. Utilise our user-friendly platform to swiftly document and report any concerns, enabling timely intervention and risk mitigation. Foster a proactive approach to health and safety, cultivating a culture that prioritises safety. By promoting prompt incident reporting, you can take immediate action to prevent accidents and create a safer workplace for all.

Our solution is designed to enforce health and safety compliance through a customised workflow tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. From the initial risk assessment to real-time auditing and incident reporting, each stage is guided by predefined processes and approvals, ensuring consistency and accountability throughout. Our system ensures that compliance is not just a checkbox, but an integral part of your day-to-day operations.

With our comprehensive Health and Safety Compliance features, including the Risk Assessment Form Builder, Real-Time Auditing, and Near Misses and Incident Reporting, all enforced through a customised workflow, you can achieve a higher level of safety and compliance in your field service management. Trust our solution to streamline your processes, reduce risks, and create a secure working environment for your team.