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Shayln Reyes - Simply Workflow Get to Know Us

Welcome to the newest section of our blog! Each Friday will be doing weekly ‘Get to Know Us’ posts in which we offer you an insight into our employees’ lives -including who they are, their roles at Simply Workflow and some fun facts about them.


Shalyn Reyes – Onboarding Specialist at Simply Workflow

This week we caught up with Shalyn Reyes, Our Onboarding Specialist who joined the Simply Workflow team in July 2022.


We asked Shay the following questions:


How would you describe your job to a bunch of five-year-olds? 

I help people to understand what we do. I project manage and train people and our clients to use the system to the best of its capacity so that they get all the benefits we have to offer them. I am also a client relationship manager as well, so I am a point of contact between us and all our clients so if they need anything they can always come to me. 


What do you love most about working at Simply Workflow

I would probably say the culture that has been built around Simply Workflow, people trust one another, it’s a great place to work, there are open lines of communication and everyone is really understanding and great to work with. 


What’s your most used emoji?

It’s probably the crying laughing emoji – ?


If you could learn any language in the next 5 minutes what would it be?



How would your friends describe you

A lot of people describe me as being very assertive but also really friendly


Do you like travelling? – What’s the best place you’ve travelled to? 

I love travelling. If someone said to me today do you want to go somewhere today, I’d say yes absolutely! It’s hard for me to pinpoint one of my favourite places but it has to be somewhere really warm. I prefer beach holidays rather than a city break. Some of the best places I’ve been to are the Caribbean, the Philippines and the Canary Islands, anywhere there’s a beach! 


Which Caribbean Islands have you been to?

I worked on cruise ships for four months in the Caribbean so I’ve been to most of the islands and would highly recommend them, especially the smaller islands like Curaçao and Bonaire are amazing. Caribbean cruises and island hopping are the best.


What is your favourite animal

Definitely dogs when it comes to pets but I love all animals! 


Pineapple on pizza. Yes or No



Thank you for reading this week’s Get to Know Us and thank you to Shay for taking part. Come back next week when we will be talking to Anne Gort, the Customer support manager here at Simply Workflow.


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