Get to Know Us – Mick Kelly

Get to Know Us - Mick

Mick Kelly – Founder & Chief of Strategy

Welcome to week ten of our ‘Get to Know Us’ series!

This week we spoke to Mick Kelly, who is the Founder and Chief of Strategy of Simply Workflow.

We asked Mick the following questions:

Can you tell me the story behind creating Simply Workflow? – What inspired you?

I had set up my original business when I moved back from the UK in 1995, which despite everything became very successful. I started off doing cable tv instals and within 10 years had almost 300 people working for me out of a base in Carlow. Within that business, we developed a piece of software to manage the operations work because we couldn’t manage all the people, the stock and all of the paperwork and spreadsheets. We internally developed a piece of software from the ground up based on the problems our team were having out in the field. So Simply Workflow became a business out of that business.

How would you describe your job to a bunch of five-year-olds? 

Basically, I’m like a helicopter or drone keeping an eye on everything and making sure everything gels together and is running smoothly.

What are your favourite sports and sports teams?

My favourite sports team is the Kildare Senior Football team and in Soccer, Spurs are my favourite team.

Have you travelled anywhere interesting recently or do you have any travel plans in the near future?

Recently travelled to Lisbon and Barcelona which I really enjoyed and I am travelling to New York in September, which I am looking forward to.

What famous or historical person, alive or dead would you choose to have dinner with?

Good question. I’d have to say, Bruce Springsteen, I am a big fan of his.

If you could learn any language in the next 5 minutes what would it be? 

If I could only pick one language, I would choose Spanish because it is so widely spoken and I think I’d be able to use it to communicate and connect with people in many different places around the world.

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island? 
My first thought would be to bring my family but I suppose I can’t take them. If the island had wifi, I’d definitely bring my Kindle so that I could read different books, but if I didn’t have wifi, I would bring my favourite book, my toothbrush and a football. 

Pineapple pizza. Yay or nay? 

I do. I’m surprised that people don’t like it!

Thank you for reading this week’s Get to Know Us and a big thank you to Mick for chatting with us. Come back next week when we will be chatting with Alan Shelly Simply Workflows COO.

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