All-in-one solution streamlines operations and boosts efficiencies

The Challenge

Our client is a contractor to leading global suppliers of multimedia services. The company is trusted by multimedia providers to maintain complex, high-speed broadband networks. In a highly competitive market, our client needed to offer consistent, best-in-class services to its partners.

With 250 field users based across several regions around the world, the company required a cohesive way to oversee and manage its operations. Its current system didn’t offer the full breadth of functionality the company needed to make the changes it required. To provide an enhanced customer experience the company needed to streamline its business, make productivity gains, improve inventory management, and deliver a scalable and efficient business model.

The Solution

Simply Workflow brought an all-in solution to our telecoms client, including appointment booking, job scheduling and assignment, stock management and case management and customer relationship management (CRM). The customisable solution meant the company could select the functions it needed. An appointment booking facility allowed the client to manage the booking process, helping it to work to capacity. Real-time live performance tracking gave managers visibility of the workforce during the day, while an inventory management feature offered a complete overview of all stock items, not only in the warehouse but also in the van fleet. A case and complaint module made it easy to update and manage any complaints, and a CRM feature helped improve customer service.

The Results

Working with Simply Workflow, the telecoms company has been able to make improvements across the board. It has streamlined operations, leading to a reduction in the cost per job of 70 percent. By making the process more efficient, worker productivity has increased by 30 percent. Because the system is so easy to use the company has been able to claim back time spent on laborious tasks: there was an 89 percent reduction in the time spent scheduling its workforce, and 87 percent time saving on time spent reporting on cases and complaints.

Because the Simply Workflow system is cloud-based and completely digital the telecoms firm has been able to dramatically reduce its reliance on paper-based systems. It has made a 40 percent reduction in wasted or non-essential activities by switching to a digital, cloud-based system.

Benefits at a glance for our telecoms client

  • All-in-one cloud-based solution: means all paperwork was converted to electronic forms
  • Real-time job updates: offers complete visibility of on-site work
  • Stock management feature: allows for 100% tracking and accountability for all inventory
  • Drag and drop functionality: speeds up on-site processes and leads to increased productivity

If these benefits appeal to you and see you would like to see more about how Simply Workflow can help your business click here or contact us today.

Client: Telecoms Company

Business Objective: Streamline operations to offer clients a best-in-class service
Solution: Fully customisable cloud-based Field Service Management solution


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