What your company can experience by using Simply Workflow

Reduce Administration Costs by 50%

Allow your employees to carry out the tasks that were employed to do! Our efficient appointment booking system, intelligent auto-assignment feature and real-time data will free up endless hours of time for our administrators.

Increase Productivity by 30%

Due to the extremely efficient appointment booking and assignment feature, we can ensure that field users have sufficient jobs assigned to them, which will increase the number of jobs completed per day

99.9% Stock Tracking & Reconciliation

Our fully integrated, end-to-end inventory management system allows you to track stock items from when the purchase order is raised up to the point of reconciliation on a job.

Paperless & Real Time

Get rid of the paperwork, Excel spreadsheets and unnecessary emails. Real-time updates, customer notifications and access to data at any time during the job process will give you and your team full visibility of all field activity.

100% Health and Safety Compliance

Our form builder will allow you to identify risky situations and ensure that the field user completes the risk assessment before any job activity can commence – this is paramount for Health & Safety compliance.

100% on the Job Compliance

Using our cleverly designed form builder and workflow features, checks can be put in place to ensure that all job activities are completed correctly.

90% Reduction in Billing Cycle

As our system provides data and status updates in real-time, you can rest assured that all reporting and data is on hand for you to generate your invoices on time.