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Optimise resources, reduce costs and drive productivity in water utilities installation, repair and maintenance projects

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Ensure a safe environment for field staff and contractors with full visibility of jobs and live safety audit tracking

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Improve service quality and workforce experience with automated comms, efficient workflows and shared data for better decision making

Our simple to use, single, integrated system is trusted by…

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What would make your life easier?

  • One, paperless system to manage jobs, end-to-end
  • Project management and performance dashboards
  • Live data views across all projects
  • Manage contractor jobs and productivity
  • An intuitive mobile field service app
  • Optimal inventory tracking and management
  • An effective system to drive Health & Safety
  • compliance
  • Tools to simplify admin tasks
  • Integration with existing systems via APIs
  • Permissions and role-based system

I can see where my engineers are throughout the day and the progress they are making against jobs which gives me that great sort of real-time view of the performance management, which I can use to challenge and drive performances throughout the day. This is an excellent tool for me.

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Full Visibility of All Repair and Maintenance Projects in Real-Time

Get full visibility across the project - customer, back office, field operations and warehouse - and optimise workflows with paperless, automated processes. Smart tools with built in flexibility to assign jobs, match skills to tasks, view performance by technician. Easy form and data capture formats on one shared data platform for better decision making.

Efficient System Administration

Optimise resource allocation with our smart auto-assigner, taking into account availability, workload, skillset and geo location. Reduce travel time, improve efficiency and speed up response times. Manage jobs with easy drag and drop tools, real-time visibility and with flexibility to make changes on the go.

Automate Stock Management

Eliminate return trips, increase customer satisfaction, ensure no stock goes missing! Our inventory management system gives you the tools and views to automate and manage stock from order to van to customer premise.

Ensure Health & Safety Compliance

Create customised and paperless risk assessment forms, conduct real-time Health & Safety audits from the desktop and in the field, report near misses and incidents and ensure compliance enforced through a customised workflow.

Dashboards, Reporting and Project Management

Access a suite of dashboards and reports with real-time updates to track jobs, assets and workforce. Identify trends and actionable insights in your data, monitor metrics against KPIs for technician productivity, response times, first-time fix rates and more.

APIs to Integrate with Existing Systems

Our secure, cloud-based platform can stand alone or integrate with your existing technology ecosystem. Our feature-rich, easy-to-use mobile app operates on both iOS and Android devices. Assign roles, manage permissions and restrict sensitive information with our robust, enterprise grade permissions settings.

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