Simply Workflow is in operation with some of the leading Utility companies in Europe & helps achieve dramatic improvements in workforce management efficiency. Customers use our systems when installing, maintaining or upgrading gas, water, TV and broadband services. The system helps customers manage every aspect of their field workforce management; including equipment inspections, health & safety compliance, job scheduling, stores and asset management.

Utility companies face particular challenges – they must maintain a legacy network infrastructure and implement new technologies while reducing costs. In a market where margins are shrinking due to Regulatory pressures and tough competition it is essential that companies manage their workforce as efficiently as possible. Health & Safety considerations are also a major factor for utility companies due to the hostile environments staff often work in.

We can deliver significant savings for companies operating in this sector, including utility contractors. The system streamlines the scheduling of jobs and automatically routing of calls to ensure that the most efficient & economical route is driven while still meeting client SLA responses. We automate pre-job checks and inspections, integrate management of parts and equipment and automatically generate timesheets & components used providing details to your invoicing system. This leads to significant cost savings for our customers – 100s of thousands of euro per year.

A key advantage of using Simply Workflow is that we have integrated a broad range of functionality into one system to automate the key operations for companies with field-based staff. This reduces the number of different systems you have to use to manage your internal staff and assets. This in turn significantly reduces costs through reduced IT, training and admin overheads.

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