Simply Workflow case studies

One-stop-shop solution drives efficiencies in a nationwide smart meter rollout

Client: MDE Installations

Business Objective: Streamline operations to offer a consistent service with a focus on safety

Solution: End-to-end, real-time Field Operations Management solution

The Challenge

MDE Installations is a family-run business based in Monaghan. It has been operating for over 30 years and is one of the most experienced electrical contractors in the country. In 2019, MDE was entrusted by ESB Networks as a partner of choice to install smart meters into domestic and commercial properties nationwide. The goal of the programme is to install 2.4 million smart meters nationwide by 2024. This massive initiative is a complex one with multiple steps, all of which need to be completed to a high quality with a laser focus on safety.

In order to meet its deadlines, the MDE Installations team of electricians each had a daily target to meet.  To hit these ambitious targets without compromising on quality or safety, MDE Installations required a single, all-in one solution to streamline the many steps of the project.


The Solution

The all-in-one Simply Workflow solution spans the entire smart meter installation process from the initial customer contact to the final client invoicing.

The Simply Workflow Customer Communications feature speeds up the process of making contact with each customer. Contacting the customer and booking an appointment is automated. “The system allows us to make intelligent scheduling decisions; each job is automatically assigned to the electrician closest to the customer based on the electrician’s home address,” explains Donna Donnelly, Development Director at MDE Installations.

Live reporting of stock and electricians means MDE Installations can see at a glance where their team and stock are. “This project is intense and we’re working to a set deadline. Being able to see in real time the progress of our team, right down to which step of the process they are on is excellent. This allows us to track performance and keep on top of our progress.”

MDE Installations uses Power BI to analyse performance trends. The Simply Workflow system integrates seamlessly with Power BI, allowing the team to use the system data to identify any trends such as low performers or problem areas. “Being able to link the Simply Workflow and Power BI platforms really helps us to keep on top of things. We can easily see what’s going on out in the field and identify any issues quickly so we can work on resolving them,” says Donna.


The Results

Working with Simply Workflow, MDE Installations reached a milestone of installing 500,000 smart meters and is on track with the installation programme. The scale of the project is enormous, but working with Simply Workflow has helped MDE Installations create real efficiencies, particularly in areas such as health and safety.

Working with Simply Workflow, MDE Installations has been able to reinforce its safety focus. “Each smart meter installation has 50 steps. The Simply Workflow app prompts our electricians through each step, from removing the old meter to installing the new one. The electricians can effectively do a self-audit and make their way through all the safety checks, complying with our detailed Job Site Safety Plan (JSSP). All the data from the job is then sent directly to our hub in Monaghan where our team of auditors double check all the steps for quality and safety. It’s a seamless process now, with a clear audit trail and full transparency,” explains Donna.

For Donna and the team at MDE Installations, the highlight of the Simply Workflow platform is how it has streamlined all its processes into one system. “Before working with Simply Workflow we had multiple systems, from Excel to handwritten forms, and in some cases we didn’t have any system at all, for example with stock management. Simply Workflow’s centralised platform means we can access all our processes via one system. This is much more efficient,” says Donna.

As a family-run business with a focus on providing a high quality service Donna says it’s refreshing to work with a company like Simply Workflow that reflects the same qualities. “One of our goals is to make the best use of innovative technologies to enhance the service we provide. The Simply Workflow system is helping us to do that.”


Benefits at a glance for MDE Installations

  • All-in-one cloud-based solution: means paper is removed from the process, and all systems are amalgamated under one platform
  • Real-time job updates: offers complete visibility of the team’s progress
  • Stock management feature: enables full tracking and accountability for all inventory
  • Prompted safety checks: ensure each step complies with all safety regulations
  • Safety data securely stored in the cloud: means there is a clear audit trail and full transparency


If these benefits appeal to you and see you would like to see more about how Simply Workflow can help your business click here or contact us today.