Managing a mobile workforce in such a face paced demanding sector can be very challenging. Local authorities come up against new tasks everyday which must be carried out to a certain standard. Our system enables these authorities to optimize management of their mobile fleet in order to carry out work accordingly.

Simply Workflow work order management

When a job arises it is essential that the work is carried out in a timely manner. Simply Workflow provides Job Scheduling features which will automatically assign workers to a particular job and provide the most efficient route to this job. This ensures that the correct employee, with the relevant skills will be carrying out the job in the quickest time possible. Should this worker require assistance or back up our Mobile Worker Support features make contacting the office, or other engineers very easy.

Compliance with Health and Safety rules is extremely important for any Local Authority. With our fully customisable, time and location stamped risk assessment forms local bodies can be confident that all measures have been taken to comply with rules and regulations. These assessments are then kept within the system to provide proof of compliance if required.

Our fully customisable forms also allow supervisors to lay out jobs in a step-by-step manner which must be followed and checked off by engineers. Workers can also store any relevant information, take photos, get signatures and report issues which are then be generated into easily readable job reports. This eliminates the often cumbersome paperwork associated with these jobs.

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