Companies operating in the Healthcare industry provide an invaluable service which must be managed to the highest standard at all times. We deliver a number of solutions and features which assist healthcare providers in the management of their mobile care givers.

Reports - Simply Workflow

The systems Real Time reporting feature allows care givers to record the condition of their patient, any medications they may be on, changes to their condition and any other relevant information. This key data is then instantly accessible to managers or supervisors who can analyse results and react appropriately when required. This feature will also highlight any potential issues/problems related to either the care giver or patient.

Our Job scheduling features will ensure that the right care giver, with appropriate skills is assigned to the right patient in order to deliver the highest quality of care. This feature will also optimize the schedule to ensure that in the event of emergency there will be little disruption to the entire team. In such an event the care giver can easily and quickly report to management.

When a care giver is assigned a job they will receive any relevant information relating to that patient including history, patient details, treatment plan, location and directions straight to their smart device.
The Simply Workflow system provides management with real time visibility of where their staff are. Using this feature managers will automatically know the exact location or a care giver- any reports that are filled out or photos which are taken will be time and location stamped providing further information on the care givers location, and proof of treatment.

Our system also allows companies to develop fully customisable forms which can be used to ensure the highest quality of treatment is delivered to patients. When treating a patient a care giver must mark off in a step by step manner the tasks which have been completed and record any relevant data relating to these tasks. This information will then be; stored on the system for future reference, can be used by relevant health professionals or provide proof of treatment.

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