Keep all your work records in a single database, easily accessible at all times. Allocate work quickly to your field staff in the most convenient and efficient way. Get instant feedback from your field staff and report on completions in real time.

Work Order Management - Simply Workflow

Highlights include:

  • Manual, semi-automated or fully automatic rules based jobs assignment
  • Assignment directly on the map view
  • Work assigned individually or in bulk
  • Automated routing
  • Workers capacity management
  • Assign to a date and specific employee manually or automatically
  • Append documents, photographs and other information to a work order
  • Attach information about parts required to complete the job


  • All work managed from an easy to use, yet powerful web interface
  • Efficient work allocation
  • Real time visibility of work progress

In – Navigation

Simply Workflow can use the built in Android turn-by-turn navigation to assist the field staff in reaching their destination as efficiently as possible. The system integrates with the sat-nav and the navigation starts by simply clicking a button on the job level. There is no need for the field worker to manually select the destination, thus saving time and avoiding input errors.

Dispatchers can create and assign work orders centrally, automatically adding information such as the customer’s location, the best route to that customer, and any equipment that may be necessary to complete a job. You can also easily attach documents, photographs and other files to a work order which provides the information your team needs to complete a job.  Staff in the field can also create their own work orders using the Android, iOS or other mobile devices. As Simply Workflow is a fully integrated suite, this data can be linked to your Stores information too.

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