Simply Workflow enables you to easily track the time spent on jobs by field workers.  Employees can report their time on a job using their mobile phones or tablets.  Our in-built GPS integration means you have an up-to-date record of employee location.

Timesheet from Simply Workflow


  • Employees must record time spent on jobs from mobile phones and tablets in any location
  • Supervisors can record time on behalf of staff who don’t have a smart phone or tablet
  • Employees can track all time, including that spent traveling to and from a job
  • Supervisors can search reports by individual employees, all employees, date period, customer and other options


  • Timesheet reporting provides the actual, accurate times and tasks completed per individual which provides the data required for invoice creation, thus ensuring accurate billing
  • Payroll is kept up-to-date and accurate
  • Reports allow you to analyze overall employee performance and identify potential productivity issues

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