Simply Workflow offers the best support for Mobile Workers on the market.  Our apps, built for Android smartphones and tablets enable your employees to exploit the latest mobile technologies.  Simply Workflow is also accessible 24/7 via the web using a standard PC or laptop.

Mobile Worker Supports


  • Dynamic Route Planning – the system can dynamically plot the best routes for a worker to get to their next job.
  • Continuous GPS tracking – in addition to capturing GPS coordinates on request, we can also save coordinates continuously and periodically send them to a central server.
  • Battery saving – we have implemented battery saving features to maximize battery life when the device is under heavy GPS usage.
  • Device Activation and Security – We have enhanced security by adding a device activation and deactivation feature.
  • Push notifications – we can use native ‘push notification’ features on smartphones to alert employees about newly assigned work or other information.
  • Location and Image capture – our mobile apps support one click capturing of photos and GPS coordinates.
  • Calling and text – we support one click calling of customer phone numbers and sending predefined text messages.
  • User tracking using GPS or network location – we can track staff by location and use that information to optimize how work is allocated to them.
  • Offline access to work information – this enables employees who work in areas with poor mobile coverage to record their job details on the system offline. The details are uploaded later when their phone reconnects to a network.
  • Lone worker support – our apps make advanced use of sensors built into mobile devices to protect field staff in case of accidents. The mobile device can request periodical interaction which, if not confirmed, triggers instant notification to designated people. The alarm will also be raised if the device acceleration sensors detect a free fall or a sudden impact.
  • Security – all data held on mobile phones and communicated back to the central server is encrypted.


  • Workers can concentrate on their job, not on completing paperwork or identifying routes on a map.
  • Staff can exploit the full range of features on their phone to help them get their jobs done, including GPS, text, phone, camera and video features.
  • Staff can still work productively even when they lose network or mobile coverage.

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