Simply Workflow provides a fast, easy way to get the right staff to the right place at the right time.  Simply Workflow’s cloud based web application makes it easy for dispatchers to assign work and schedule jobs.  Users can manually monitor and schedule tasks, or let the system automatically help with job allocation and scheduling.  Users can see all this information  displayed on screen – Simply Workflow plots all job assignments on a map view to help keep track of where staff are.

Job Scheduling mobile phone

Highlights of our Job Scheduling Module Include:

  • Assign Jobs in Bulk or Individually
  • Job Assignment Map View
  • Automated Jobs Assignment
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Realtime reporting

Job Scheduling map

Jobs can be assigned in bulk by the dispatch team or supervisor.  Work Orders can also be created in the field by staff using their Android mobile device.  Workers can also accept or decline jobs and get instant sign-off from customers using their phone or handheld device.

Simply Workflow supports sophisticated Automated Jobs Assignment, based on location, skills required and other criteria.  We use the GPS features on your worker’s mobile phones to identify their location. The system uses advanced Assignment Algorithms to identify where to assign staff when they have completed a job and are ready for assignment to another location.

We also provide Dynamic Routing, where the system identifies the most efficient route for workers on their way to an assignment based on their GPS location, route maps and up-to-date traffic data.  We have integrated our app into the Android’s turn-by-turn navigation technology for increased accuracy.  We can automatically order jobs with the optimal route for staff, so they spend less time travelling and more time doing productive work.

Also, with our great reporting capabilities you can easily monitor the productivity of individuals and of your whole team.

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