For any company operating in the Construction industry Health & Safety compliance must be a number one priority. Failure to adhere to health & safety requirements; apart from the human cost, can often lead to great costs both tangible and intangible, which can place a huge strain on even the most successful companies.

Health & Safety Simply Workflow

Construction companies must ensure the safety of their staff, compliance with health & safety regulations and keep an audit trail in order to prove compliance. Simply Workflow requires all risk assessments to be carried out on-site before a job can take place. If the associated risk with this job is deemed too high the work cannot take place until contact has been made with a supervisor or office and the risk is eliminated.

Traditional Health & Safety compliance methods require cumbersome paperwork which is often extremely time consuming, Simply Workflow automates and speeds up many of the steps required, from Risk Assessments through to statutory safety inspections. This is also used to report any incidents, accidents or near misses which may take place on the construction site.

The system also provides real time reporting features meaning that when a job does not take place this information is immediately visible for supervisors who can then deal with the issue in real time.

Often when operating in the construction industry the equipment required to complete a job is highly valuable, Simply Workflow enables companies to keep track of these assets using the Asset management features.

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