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Our client is a contractor to the leader in the supply of multi-media services throughout the Caribbean and LATAM markets. To meet client demands and to offer best in class services to the end customer, a decision was taken to deploy the Simply Workflow solution to manage the operations aspect of the business.Our customer embraced our system from the very beginning and used many of the features that are available as part of our core system, appointment booking, job scheduling and assignment, stock management and health and safety.


  • All paperwork converted to electronic forms
  • Real-time job updates
  • Increased productivity
  • 100% tracking and accountability for stock
  • Customised reporting
  • Dashboards


  • Reduction in cost per job by 70%
  • Productivity by crew increased by 30%
  • 89% reduction in time spent scheduling crews
  • 87% reduction in time spent on reporting
  • 40% reduction in “waste” and non-essential activity by moving to a digital and smarter way of working