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Our client is the leading power supplier in Ireland who offer electricity, gas, pay-as-you-go and electric vehicle charger services to their customers.Due to the complexity of the various works streams and services, our client was looking for a system that would, not only manage their operations in the back office and field, but also to assist in the process of online appointments and the web shop via their online customer portal. With the use of our capacity management system, our client was able to integrate with Simply Workflow to allow the end customer to book available time slots and renew subscriptions services.In addition, our client now has the facility to onboard contractors onto the Simply Workflow solution and manage activity and performance, and have access to real-time data, in a standardised format, when required.


  • Enhanced customer journey with online booking facility
  • Enhanced customer journey with automated SMS notification facility
  • Controlled booking system based on available timeslots
  • Automated job assignment
  • Full visibility of stock movement throughout the install process


  • Reduction in systems and systems cost by using Simply Workflow
  • Productivity by crew increased by 30%
  • 50% reduction in time spend scheduling crews
  • Increase in Health and Safety compliance