Companies operating in the Cable and Telecom industry face many barriers in what is a highly competitive, regulated market. It is essential that all activities are carried out in the most efficient way as there is no room for error, particularly as many of the work areas can be highly dangerous.

Efficient job scheduling and work order management are essential tools for success in this industry, by ensuring that the right person carries a job to the highest standard and that all problems are swiftly dealt with companies will be able to ensure a higher level of customer services and productivity. The constant flow of real time information which Simply Workflow provides ensures all work is completed to the highest standard. Customer satisfaction is of great importance and it’s essential that every job carried out is completed to the highest standard as dissatisfied customers can easily switch to a competitors services.

Learn more about the key features our customers in the Cable and Telecoms industry use:
Job scheduling
Work order management
Real time reporting
Health and safety features
Location based services