For companies operating in the General Business or IT services industry good communication is critical, companies must ensure that all staff are up to date with relevant innovations so that work can be completed in the most efficient way.


With ever rigorous SLA requirements, it’s important that installation/ repair calls are logged efficiently and passed to the relevant technician with the correct skills & equipment to complete the job. The system ensures that calls are scheduled in real time with planned visits logged in the system to meet Service Agreement conditions.

When a technician calls to site they have a complete customer history on their smart device with system installation details, work completed to date along with full photo history. Equipment installed can be scanned to bring up the repair/performance history speeding up the issue resolution. Any spares used are allocated from the smart device to the customer site to ensure that all parts, components, work completed is passed to Accounts for invoicing as required.

The real time reporting feature allows supervisors to see exactly what is happening on the field, which jobs Technicians are working on and where. The system also allows engineers to report any issues which may require additional resource, parts etc. promptly. Simply Workflow also provides extensive Mobile Worker support features which provide quick calls to the office, turn by turn navigation, photo capture and access to the system when offline. So, when without mobile coverage the job can still be completed and automatically sends all the updates back when in mobile or Wi-Fi coverage.

Within this industry it is also important to ensure that jobs are carried out in the quickest time possible, Simply Workflows Job scheduling and Location based services ensure that the right engineer gets to the right job in the most efficient time.

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