8 Ways Simply Workflow Improves On-Site Safety of Workers

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The Health and Safety of workers should be a number one priority for all managers. Simply Workflow allows managers to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, in real-time, on-site.

A traditional safety check requires workers to manually fill out paper forms and submit them to administration for assessment. This process is time consuming for all parties and often times involves shortcuts being taken and unsatisfactory completion.

Risk assessment simply workflow

The Simply Workflow system vastly improves on-site risk assessments and streamlines the entire process. Features of our Health and Safety solutions include;

  1. Fully customisable electronic risk assessment forms accessible on any smart device, laptop or PC.
  2. Available in online or offline mode.
  3. All assessments are time and location stamped- meaning they must be carried out on-site.
  4. Weights are applied to answers depending on their influence on risks.
  5. The system can prevent a job from going ahead if the associated risk is considered too great.
  6. If a job is prevented from taking place admin will automatically be informed and efforts can be made to mitigate the risks involved.
  7. All results are compiled into easily readable reports for supervisors/admin
  8. Workers can easily report any incidents, accidents or near misses that take place.

Companies who implement Simply Workflow recognise significant improvements in both their safety records and staff awareness of workplace risks.


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