3 Ways to improve Customer Satisfaction with Workflow Management Systems

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Companies operating with a mobile workforce, traditionally have a poor reputation. It is not unheard of for a customer to be left waiting all day, not knowing when, if at all a technician might show up. This is unacceptable and can have an adverse effect on customer satisfaction along with higher costs to the company itself.

How can managers of these mobile workers improve customer service to ensure satisfaction every time?

  1. Communication – Successfully managing any mobile workforce requires efficient and regular communication. This is not only vital between Supervisors and staff but also with mobile workers and customers. Workflow Management Systems (WFM) provide both mobile workers and Supervisors with an effective method of communication which allows any issues to be quickly relayed to all relevant parties. For example; if a technician is running late, something like “one click SMS service” allows the mobile workers to send a pre-automated text to the customer alerting them to this and providing a new estimated time of arrival. Similarly a message is sent to supervisors who, if needs be can investigate this situation or send another technician if required.
  2. Reporting – Complaints can be received by even “best of breed” businesses. It is important to listen to this feedback in order to strive toward complete customer satisfaction. Every complaint can be logged in a WFM system which will generate a complaints report enabling management to get a better picture of what is happening on the field. Example; if one technician has numerous complaints filed against them, this will be easily visible in reports and perhaps identify a training or other issue.
  3. Workflow – Perhaps one of the most important aspects when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction is that a job is carried out correctly, to a high standard the first time a technician visits a site. WFM systems allow Supervisors and Administrators to customise jobs, laying them out in a step by step manner which must be followed and checked off. The technician is able to take notes, pictures and notify their company of any issues that may arise along the way. This ensures that a job is carried out fully to specification and can also assist with any potential issue resolution. For example; if a customer is unsatisfied with a job, or believes a technician has caused damage, the photographic evidence captured along the way will prove that the job was carried out accordingly and that no damage was cause by a company representative.


Simply Workflow provides organisations with a unique cloud based Workflow Management System which streamlines all aspects of operations including all those mentioned above, job scheduling, dispatch tools and many more!

The system, designed by people with real in-field experience, offers companies new levels of flexibility, customisation and customer satisfaction as well as significantly lowering admin costs.


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Simply Workflow provides real time insights into workers performance- improving communication, reports and job standards.




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