Simply Workflow is a technically innovative workforce management system (WFM) suitable for managing all aspects of a mobile workforce. Simply Workflow helps organisations to streamline job scheduling and dispatch for their mobile workforce. It provides full visibility of schedules, jobs, Health & Safety and Risk Assessment compliance with online real time information. The system is a cloud-based web application which customers can access from any location on any mobile device, laptop or PC.

By using Simply Workflow organisations can gain improvements in customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. One company has recorded savings of €150,000 in the first year of system operation!

The Simply Workflow solution has been designed by Operational people who know what the real in-field requirements are. This, coupled with the flexibility to customise the system, provides the optimal customer solution.

Our design approach has two key principles –

  • Flexibility – the system had to be flexible enough so that customers can tailor it to their particular requirements.
  • Future proofing – from the start we have adopted the latest mobile and cloud-based technology to ensure Simply Workflow is technically far in advance of competing systems.

The system is now deployed with clients across Ireland and the UK and is used in sectors including telecommunications, power, water, security and local authorities.

We originally developed Simply Workflow to manage stock dispatched to field engineers in a smart and efficient way. It was absolutely essential to be able to reconcile stock in real time and know the location of every single item.

That is when we developed the Stores Management module. It can handle multiple warehouses, multiple locations, and both serial and non-serial numbered items. It allows stock to be quickly dispatched to field staff and includes Accounts department supervision through multiple levels of approvals (POs, write-offs, etc.).

Next we wanted to give  field staff the ability to select the stock directly in the field and change its location instantly. Given the success of the Stores module we decided to broaden the scope of the mobile functionality and allow full Jobs Management and dispatch, Risk Assessment, Tasks control as well as Jobs Completion and sign off.  The new system was an instant success.

We have now expanded system functionality to enable optimal management of field staff while also allowing them to perform more tasks using a smartphone or tablet. We developed both the Quality Control system as well as additional Health & Safety features as a result.  We’ve also developed a large number of reports covering all areas of the system. The most recent module is the Assets Management component which combines the experience and expertise from all other parts of the system. This provides close control of all movements of a company’s assets and enables management and inspections of the assets directly in the field.

Simply Workflow is headquartered in Citywest, Dublin, Ireland, with additional offices in London and Carlow.