NISO Safety Conference 2014 – Lone Workers and Technology

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On 3 October 2014 at the NISO Annual Safety Conference in the Mullingar Park Hotel, Simply Workflow Developer, Paul Wierzbicki, gave a workshop on the topic of lone workers and the importance of technology when undertaking work alone.

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. Lone workers are at a particular risk of accidents or emergencies arising from the work – including inadequate provision of first aid, sudden illness and physical violence from members of the public or intruders. These lone workers have the responsibility to look after their own health and safety and that of those who may be affected by their work. Although, this is easier said than done, so the simple introduction of technology into lone workers’ lifestyles can increase safety massively. Easy to use mobile applications such as Simply Workflow are paving the way to near risk-free working for lone workers, with features such as:

  • customisable electronic risk assessments that are time and location stamped and can prevent the continuation of a job if the risk is too high, these assessments can be accessed from any smart device or computer and managers are informed promptly of these high-risk jobs so that the risks may be alleviated and the job carried out,
  • the ability to quickly report an incident, accident or near miss that may occur when on a job,
  • vehicle inspections and equipment checks so that workers are safe on the job and on the journey home.
The workshop was a great success and all who attended it left with valuable safety information on the topic.
This blog was composed by Cian Higgins, information on lone workers was partly taken from


One Comment

  • Lone worker and technology is an important technology for security management of workers who work in isolated areas. This is the best solution to ensure safety and protection of lone worker staff. Lone worker technology helps to maintain healthy working environment for lone workers by putting appropriate measures and techniques into their working place environment.

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